The warehouse management software that is ready for the future

Our clients choose CORAX wms because it is user-friendly, scalable and web-based. The implementation time is short and can easily be connected to other systems. Whether you are a logistics service provider or run a production company, CORAX means value creation in many types of warehouses and countless sectors.

From Small Business to Enterprise

CORAX can manage warehouses from 1 to hundreds of users; from manual operations to high tech, fully automated warehouses. Because CORAX is a scalable product, it can manage all kinds and sizes of operations. We are the proud supplier of both small logistics service providers and large high-tech mechanized warehouses. We invite you to watch the video of the high tech cold store of our customer NewCold, where a Davanti WMS manages the complex, highly mechanized operation.

CORAX characteristics

  • Cloud wms
  • Fully web based wms
  • SaaS wms (Software as a Service: you pay for the use)
  • 1-version strategy
  • 100% core warehouse management software
  • Apps (Android & IoS)
  • 100% automatic testing
  • Scalable
  • Easy to configure with the aid of Wizards
  • Microsoft Technology
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Four main pillars

Davanti develops its software along four core qualities:

CORAX Modules

warehouse management software


CORAX warehouse management software has a rich functionality which is constantly being expanded. With every update, your wms is enhanced with handy, new functionalities demanded by the market. Due to intensive contact with our clients and by closely following the developments in the supply chain we are able to monitor carefully what the needs are; on the basis of this information we prepare a roadmap which enables us to service the users in the most optimum manner.

As we apply a 1-version strategy, you will always have the only and the correct version; updates are automatically processed. You can see all the functionalities here: CORAX wms functionalities.

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