CORAX wms is SaaS wms and is offered as an online service. This offers your operation great advantages compared to the purchase of a standard software package. One of the advantages is that our users pay for what you need. This is not possible with other systems where you sign for a license for using the software solution.

Other advantages of purchasing a SaaS wms are:

1. A SaaS wms is easier to scale

Software as a Service has the great advantage that it can grow with your operation. You only pay for the number of users you need in your operation. This means greater flexibility in your organization and even the possibility of scaling the costs of your Software as a Service wms with the usage in your operation. If your operation knows peak moments due to seasonal sales, your wms system can be adjusted accordingly.saas wms2. Innovations are easy to implement

Innovation is an important criterion for our users. Software as a service comprises innovations faster and more efficiently because one source code is used. New functions and links can be made available directly to all users through regular releases. This ensures speed in the development and growth of your operation and gives you just that competitive advantage that you need.

3. Lower IT costs

A SaaS wms requires less know-how in the workplace than an on-premise solution. No hardware is required within your own organization that needs to be maintained by experts. That is why the costs of a SaaS wms are lower when it comes to maintenance, than with other solutions.

4. Fast implementation

A SaaS wms is faster to implement than an on premise solution because there are no time-consuming hardware installations needed and less expertise is required to get the system online. A SaaS wms is always online. You only need to join as a user!


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