26 September 2016
4 min

Van Lith Transport

Van Lith Transport is an international transport company – started in 1989 – which is able to offer a complete solution to the customer. Personal attention and consultation with customers are key values of Van Lith. In the industrial area in Uden you can find the modern warehouse, where Van Lith is distinguished by the logistics value-added activities. These activities include handling, repacking and repackaging, palletizing of goods, stock control, labeling and stickering.

Van Lith Transport has different possibilities in the field of transport. Distribution in the Netherlands, as well as to the rest of Western Europe. In addition, there are several possibilities in the field of ADR transport and cooled and frozen transportation. Partnerships with trusted Dutch transporters is essential for Van Lith.

Currently the largest clients Plastic2Pack & GlobeMilk.

Need for accurate overview

Two things played a role in the decision to purchase a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Firstly, the need for an actual overview of the stock status in the warehouse. In this way, an estimate can be made of the available capacity and a continuous monitoring of the status of incoming and outgoing orders is guaranteed. Secondly, some customers want to know exactly what the stock position of their products in the warehouse is.

The choice of Davanti’s WMS CORAX is based on the intuitive user interface, the fact that CORAX is fully running in the cloud and is easy to implement. Big advantages are that the system can always be reached online and that the system is functionally and financially scalable.

The process

The warehouse of Van Lith transport is the storage location for a number of clients. These clients all use full pallets in and full pallets out. Once a cargo has been unloaded from the truck, it is sent to a manually selected position in the warehouse. Van Lith decided to place the same items in the same category in a block stack location. In addition, a distinction per customer is been indicated in the warehouse.
When an outbound order is made, the pick allocation is effected. By entering the order in CORAX, the right stock is allocated after which the picking process can be started. The internal transporters are sent to the respective pick locations and pallets which have been picked are driven to the (outound) dock.


In order to have a smooth implementation, Davanti started together with Van Lith a thorough inventory of the activities at an early stage. The various articles, the location structure in the warehouse, the pallet types, users and pallet usage (full pallets) were already known before the configuration. The greatest benefits of CORAX during and after the deployment are:

  • Within half a day the master data and configure the warehouse;
  • After one day, all decorated and received the first 250 pallets;
  • The customer could perform all the activities themselves after the first day and could continue to work with peace of mind itself;
  • The customer has to a large extent self can put a second principal to.
  • This went go-live, by the user of the package in a flexible manner.