Your operation is our focus

Logistical processes run night and day which is why Davanti offers 24/7 support for its wms, but that is not all.

Worldwide support

CORAX has a 24-hour ‘night shift’ to be able to support our clients anywhere in the world. Our support specialists are located on 3 continents. This means we are able to answer support questions around the clock. If it is urgent, we have short response times. Whether you are only open during office hours or are operating on a 24/7 basis, we have a suitable support solution for every operation.

Client environment monitoring

Davanti actively monitors your client environment. Having your organization operate smoothly and efficiently, that is our mission. We monitor your hardware and infrastructure remotely and identify possible threats.

The management is simple: Davanti only installs CORAX on the machines; the management of the hardware and the operating system lies with Microsoft.

Updates to the underlying systems are carried out by Microsoft and, due to the design being installed on at least 2 bodies, are carried out without any downtime.

To monitor all services, there are dozens of metrics available where notifications can be set. This means that the entire environment can be monitored 24/7 and corrective action can be started when required.

Client portal

As our partner, you can use our online support system. Log in to pass on a message to our support department.

Service desk session

Do you have a problem that you are unable to solve yourself? Then it may be practical if we can manage your system remotely. You can start a service desk session to this end.